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YW MEIWEN CO., LTD factory was established in 2014, and our Shenzhen, China, plant occupies a space of between 1000–1500 square meters. The research and development of ENC/CVC call conversation noise cancelling and ANC active audio noise cancelling technology has been our main focus. We can now provide our consumers superb audio goods and professional, devoted technique support thanks to our highly skilled R&D team.

Our primary offerings include livelier microphones, conference speakers, Bluetooth headphones, call center headsets, gaming headsets, tactical headsets, and noise-canceling headphones. We can provide chip modules for industries such as consumer electronics, hearing aids, military headsets, aircraft earphones, walkie-talkies, range hoods, cars, helicopters, and robotics. We also provide OEM service for ENC, ANC, and CVC audio solutions.


YW MEIWEN CO., LTD combines the power of art and technology to provide cutting-edge design for items used in professional audio. We may continue to devote ourselves to enhancing the caliber of our goods and services, offering our clients more exceptional products, and moving forward cooperatively with them for a promising future.

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Become a reputable maker of solutions that reduce vibration and noise worldwide.


With excellent ENC, ANC, CVC audio solution, we can provide you with crystal-clear call & voice enjoyment.


Enhance the best possible acoustic service

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