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Definitive Directory of Conference Speaker Manufacturers in 2024

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Portable conference speaker, as the name implies, is made for circumstances in which you must rapidly get ready for a conference call, whether at work or while traveling. These speakers have 360-degree microphones in addition to projecting the voice on the other end of the line, allowing everyone to participate in the conversation.

They are a great option for small-to-medium meeting rooms. Additionally, they are significantly less expensive than high-end conference phones, even though they won’t have quite the same range. Conference speakers are a common business tool, so it’s not surprising that there are a ton of them available.

Some are produced by businesses better known for their headsets, such as Sennheiser and Jabra, while others are from brands that are specifically focused on conferences, like Polycom. How will you make the best decision? The following list of the top models is the result of our personal testing of every model available. All of the options below have sophisticated microphones and excellent sound quality.

In the present speedy world, compelling correspondence is imperative, particularly in meeting settings where completely clear sound is fundamental for consistent communications. Picking the right conference speaker manufacturers knowledge into the producers that stand out with their advancement, quality, and obligation to conveying remarkable sound encounters.

Noticeable Conference Speaker Manufacturers


Prestigious for its sound skill, Bose offers a scope of gathering speakers known for their extraordinary sound quality and flexibility. They incline toward models like the Bose Proficient Panaray and FreeSpace series for their clear sound propagation and adaptability to various gathering conditions.

Global Head Factory

Their goal as an audio design company is to change the direction of music. Our company was founded in 2006. Nonetheless, as producers of conference speakers, we believe that diversity and freedom are essential to the advancement of music. 

Our objective is the same even though we design our products to satisfy different needs. Therefore, to break down barriers related to art, culture, and technology in order to enable the upcoming generation of music producers.

JBL Proficient

JBL’s setup of gathering speakers, like the Control and Expert series, is exceptionally respected for their strong sound result and solidness. These speakers convey rich, vivid sound, settling on them a well known decision for gathering rooms and corporate occasions.


Shure’s MXA and Microflex series gathering speakers stand apart for their unrivaled sound catch and consistent coordination with conferencing frameworks. These speakers focus on clearness and dependability, guaranteeing each word is heard with accuracy during gatherings.


 Poly’s line of meeting speakers, including the Poly Threesome and VoxBox, succeeds in giving creative answers for present day conferencing needs. These speakers join top notch sound with cutting edge highlights like commotion scratch-off and simple network.


 Yamaha’s YVC series gathering speakers offer excellent sound execution and adaptability. With models like the YVC-200 and YVC-1000, Yamaha underscores clear correspondence and flexibility for different gathering arrangements.


All in all, the scene of gathering conference speaker manufacturers in 2024 offers an assorted cluster of choices. Moreover, each choice succeeds in various parts of sound quality, highlights, and dependability. Understanding the contributions from driving producers like Bose, JBL Proficient, Shure, Poly, and Yamaha enables organizations and gathering coordinators to pick speakers that line up with their particular conferencing needs, guaranteeing consistent correspondence and effective gatherings.

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